Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just what is THE VORTEX?

The Vortex is a privately funded Community Center in southeast Downtown LA, and has been the happy home of Soulophonic since early March of 2011.For more info check out their website or [click here]This amazing, renovated warehouse space that we get to create our own unique open mic in once a week, is available for events of all natures, commercial shoots and filming, plus community gatherings, classes and soiree's of all types. Peep this 50 second video where you can see a time lapse of The infamous "Vortex" art piece being created:


"The Vortex is a privately funded venture. Its
purpose is to promote, facilitate, and empower the grass roots through
providing a venue/event center at low cost.

Our purpose is to support individuals, groups, or organizations who
seek to raise the level of consciousness in the community through
their work. We seek to encourage individuals to explore the idea that
we are all connected. That we are one.

On a deeper level, we invite all participants to think of solutions in a
long-term model of sustainability... How are we going to transform the
way we think and live?"

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