Saturday, July 16, 2011

Live Painting w/ Guest Band: Buffalo Electric 6/28/11

Our first Live Art/Guest Band night was deliciously entertaining. The space was filled with new comers and regulars alike. Tons of friends and family came out to support Rock band Buffalo Electric and painter Priscilla Gonzalez and many of them jumped up on the stage. Her prescence on the stage painting live art added a soulful, extra added creative vibe as performers rocked their poems, songs and stories.

Painter Priscilla Gonazalez

Buffalo Electric Front man Christopher Mercado

Buffalo Electric Drummer and guitar front man Victor Lopez

Buffalo Electric's Ignacio Gonzalez

A Soulophonic tradition, guests take a stab
at Group Improv Poetry on stage.

A friend of the band's - Mark -
came down to share some explosive Spoken Word.

This lovely Three-o opened up the night.
I met 2 of them jamming on the train.

Regulars Natalie and Zsoveonne
watching the action from their usual seats.
Tito in the background...

Lindsay Smith...Our first female acoustic act in 5 months, other than myself.
It was a big night! Tell your lady musician friends about Soulophonic!!!

Darius Shipp (above) & AnthonyValdez (below): Locals who pop in from time to time.
Anthony read his poetry for the first time on our stage and has had the bug ever since.

After debuting his poetry the previous week, Jabari Booker
returned to share more of his words as he turned 18 at midnight.

Cafe Luna Tierra Sol: The History of Soulophonic

Soulophonic was an open mic that was started in 2001. It was intended to describe each and everyone of us through self expression. Hosted by Emilio Hernan'Dez and Dj Slo-Poke at a cafe called Luna Tierra Sol. Soulophonic followed the Monday tradition that Luna Sol began back in 1996. In 99' a poet by the name of Jerry Quickly hosted the night with another companion, Mike Sosa along with Dj Al Jackson and called it "33 & 1/3". It went on to become pretty successful and became well known for hosting great poets and for connecting Spoken Word with Hip Hop. Soulophonic managed to record and release a live Cd which featured many local artists, poets and musicians. Soulophonic was interrupted by a chain of bad incidents (including 9/11). Now reborn and getting ready to reinvent itself in 2011.

A girl named Courtney ! She had a healing voice.

Obi One! A Peace and Justice legend.

Little Man and the Giants.

Teens take over Soulophonic! June 2011

Somehow it all just fell into place and before we knew it, the night was filled with Teenagers! They mostly sang, read poems and some were brave enough to join us for our usual game of Group Improv Poetry! Since that first night in June, it made sense to give the young people a night at Soulophonic once a month, hence was born our very own Teen Night happening from now on every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Anthony Minton - singing on stage with a mic for the first time.



Group Improv Poetry
Tiffany Minton, Mataji Booker
and Jeff Parker

Jabari Booker sharing his poetry for the first time with a mic on stage.

In the Beginning

It's been 5 months and the Soulophonic Family is building and stretching it's wings each week at the Vortex/Philanthropic Center for the Arts in Downtown LA! Each week a variety of folks stop by to share and express with us. Everything from seasoned, published poets to woman and men getting up on the stage in front of the audience for the very first time. The open mic, which is held in a newly renovated Warehouse space just off Olympic and Santa Fe welcome's any thing related to the mic: Poets, MC's, Musicians, Story Tellers, Comics, Actors and anything you can think of to get up on the mic to say.

Soulophonic Founder Tito Lopez and Diana Lindsburg jamming with the Harmonica.

Guest Dj TamBam on the 1's and 2's

Host/MC Mataji Booker

Issys Amaya taking a break from finals to rip some Poetry from her laptop.

Poet Tommy Swerdlow rocking it to live guitar.

Watching and writing in the dark.

Host Mataji Booker singing a lil diddy.

Playing a game of Group Improv
Zsoveonne, Natalie and Chekesha

Zsoveonne reading what I've coined as "Urban Dr. Seuss." style poetry.

Dan Dupuy (below) wears many hats at Soulophonic: aka Dj 5 min / D Thrice