Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Beyonce's Pregnant" and other funny things.

Tuesday Night, November 8, 2011 - The Vortex, Downtown LA

Every Tuesday night we hold Soulophonic, an open mic in deep Downtown LA. At the start of the night, we often warm up the stage by inviting members of the audience to come up and take part in a GROUP IMPROV POEM. "Beyonce's Pregnant" was the topic given to us tonight by an audience member. Performed by The Wordsmith, Host Mataji Booker, Zsoveonne, Gloria Simpson, J The Man, Eric Hagelman and Clive Aden.

Soulophonic has been host lately to a handful of young, fresh, hilarious comics! More actor's are starting to pop up and in, as well as Hip Hop MCs bringin' in their tracks ready to rock it. The only grudge I am holding of late is that we still are in a despicable drought for female performers to regularly take the stage. Other than that, the word on the street has been getting out and we are building a nice group of regulars that love the space and vibe as much as we do - they keep coming back - making our humble little open mic in a big space, a weekly success! Take a look at whose been coming and who's who in the new.

Newcomer Chris Webb kicked off the night with a passionate and epic original poem.

Comic Casey Gullickson returns for the second time to Soulophonic.

Veteran Soulophonician, Poet/Singer/Songwriter Darius Shipp.

J The Man joined us for the first time tonight. Awesome Poet. Awesome Hip Hop MC.

Zsoveonne, dubbed "The Urban Dr. Zuess" at Soulophonic, is an OG when it comes to the Soulophonic Family He was there with us when hardly anyone was coming in the beginning.

Actor Riel Paley work shopping his one man show ANTIMAN each week, where he plays four characters: His self as a child growing up on the island of St. Croix, his mother, his step-father and the island itself. Good sh-t.

Though it was his first time in the space, The Wordsmith, (above) along with first timer's J The Man and comic Eric Hagelman, jumped up at the chance to perform in the Group Improv bit (see youtube video, top)

Eric Hagelman (above) is not pictured here performing, but we have some video that his friend shot with his phone! He's also a new comic; only at it for a couple of months and he really had us cracked up with laughs. Photo op next time buddy,He had so much incredible energy that he was moving too fast for me to get a clear photo with out my flash! next time.
Check out the vid:

Above: Comedian Eric Hagelman, first time at Soulophonic.

One of a kind artist, Clive Aden has been a great supporter by referring a handful of folks to check us out each week, ever since his first night with us during the Hype Hustle Axel Mansoor shoot about a month ago. We love ya Clive "Mr. Impossible"

Newborn Comic Zeke Nicholson is h-e-l-l-a funny. Hard to believe he only started less than a month ago. The man is fearless, I say fearless. And yeah, funny.

Our "First Lady" (and only lady) of the evening, poetress Jenna de Mase - who pops in from time to time amidst a full school schedule. She was present on the night of our Maiden Voyage (first night) back in March of this year. She truly is the first lady of Soulophonic!

Comic Jesse Gordon is the business. Along with Zeke, he's become a regular fixture representing comedy with a fresh take on the stuff he take's on. He consistently leaves us thinking, laughing and wanting more.

Twas a very good night at the Vortex...


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