Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teen Night, July 2011

Lulu Favela (above), and Joy Woo (below), came down to
rehearse poems to be shared at an upcoming Step Up Showcase.

Xochilt Lopez, Elisa Contreras (far right)
and reps from Wilson High shared with us the inspiring story
of how they have been raising money, against heavy odds, to
fund themselves and other students for a super educational
trip to various parts of Mexico later this year.

Performer Anthony Minton stepped in to help DJ
from my laptop when the DJ couldn't make it.

Jason P., a second year student at Northridge came down
to share his culturally aware and social conscious poems.
We challenged him to memorize them for next time!

Alexis, on stage for the first time since she fainted on stage
when she was 5! - singing Selena Gomez accapella whilst
reading the lyrics from her iphone!

Soulophonic returnee Anthony Minton performing
two moving acappella rendention's of Justin Beiber & Kings of Leon.

It was an acapella night....

We closed the night out with our traditional Group Improv Poem. The audience threw out the topics "Techonology" and then we also did a poem about the "Beach." Ages ranged from 7 on up!

The perfect finale: Huitzil showed up just before we
closed shop and sang some seriously fly original reggae tunes.

Another beautiful night in Downtown LA...