Thursday, September 8, 2011

HYPE HUSTLE to Join forces with Soulophonic!

We'd like to introduce an awesome company fueled by talented young people doing big things for raw talent and artists throughout LA. The HYPE HUSTLE is a promotional platform for developing musicians! They run a contest online that rewards it's top contestants with high-end studio recording, music video, and photograpy packages.

We first met the team when they came by the first Tues in September to check out what we do and to perform along with one of their applicants, Megan Ochoa. [see following blog entry] We look forward to what's looking like a pretty sweet exchange of energy, space and cross promotional opportunities with this innovative group of inspiring and driven hustla's.

Click here for information about this super dope music contest.

Hype Hustle Artist/Contest Applicant Megan Ochoa.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Heat

Our first Tues in September took off with a bang! Several regulars and returnees showed up as special surprise guests, as well as a handful of "virgins" performing for the first time on our stage - including not one, but TWO females. A big deal for us because as you all know, we have primarily had gentlemen poets for several months now. We're feeling more confident than ever about the increasing presence of the ladies at our ever expanding night on Tuesdays at the Vortex in Downtown LA. Check it out!

Pasadena Poet Patrick Thomas swung through
for a second time to the open mic.

Hype Hustle Artist Megan Heavlin Ochoa
brought some hot and heavy tunes to match the heat of the night.

Painter/Muralist Eloy Torrez surprised us with a second visit to Soulophonic -
his first being at the very start of the open mic back in March of this year.
His original music, as well as his paintings are just super.

Cal Arts Senior Scott Oshima reading from his little red notebook.

Old School DJ in residence, Dan aka DJ 5 min, D Thrice.

The Lovely articulate and profound
Poetess/Writer Xitlalic Guijosa Osuna
making her first round at Soulophonic.

2 weeks in a row we were Blessed to have
Poet/Singer Roger Nduku "break it down."

Group Improv from left to right: Film Maker Louis Easton, Host Mataji Booker, Soulophonic team member Mark, Patrick Thomas and Hype Hustle's Phil Irwin.

East LA's Bus Stop Prophet bringing the love, wisdom and
inspiration his performances are known for.

Members of the audience watching Bus Stop Prophet.

Soulophonic Host Mataji Booker

Poet Sammy rockin' it.

Parou Banayan came by to check out the open mic and
couldn't resist coming up to read a poem from his phone.

Hype Hustle's Danny Reaume & Phil Irwin
dropped by with one of their artist's Megan Ochoa.

Phil Irwin