Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cafe Luna Tierra Sol: The History of Soulophonic

Soulophonic was an open mic that was started in 2001. It was intended to describe each and everyone of us through self expression. Hosted by Emilio Hernan'Dez and Dj Slo-Poke at a cafe called Luna Tierra Sol. Soulophonic followed the Monday tradition that Luna Sol began back in 1996. In 99' a poet by the name of Jerry Quickly hosted the night with another companion, Mike Sosa along with Dj Al Jackson and called it "33 & 1/3". It went on to become pretty successful and became well known for hosting great poets and for connecting Spoken Word with Hip Hop. Soulophonic managed to record and release a live Cd which featured many local artists, poets and musicians. Soulophonic was interrupted by a chain of bad incidents (including 9/11). Now reborn and getting ready to reinvent itself in 2011.

A girl named Courtney ! She had a healing voice.

Obi One! A Peace and Justice legend.

Little Man and the Giants.

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