Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thank You Los Angeles!

For helping to make Soulophonic a success since our first night in March of 2011. We're coming up on one year and we are just getting started!

Special thanks to The Vortex and Jeff Parker for allowing us to use this incredible space each week. A warm and fuzzy shout out goes to the Soulophonic Family whose hard work and energy has kept the pieces of this magnificent puzzle together; Founder Tito Lopez, The Tweet master and overall under cover 2nd in command Mark One, Dj 5 min, Zsoveonne and all of our regulars: Phil Irwin and The Hype Hustle Crew, the comics Zeke, Casey Gullickson, Jesse Gordon and Eric Hagleman. Darrius Shipp, Anthony, Patrick Thomas, all of the youth from our youth nights during the summer, David Romero, Clive Aden, Chastity Dotson, 'Antiman' Riel Paley, Roger Nduku, Brownfield, Micheal Lopez, Priscilla Gonzalez, Buffalo Electric, Gonzo, Megan Ochoa, Axel Mansoor, Issys Amaya, Shiela Govindarajan, Vicky Minton, Jabari Booker, Anthony and Tiffany Minton, David Lateef Booker. All of the poets from Corazon del Pueblo especially Sammy Carrera and Bus Stop Prophet, the ladies of Mujeres de Maiz, La Rana out of El Paso, Dez Hope, Matt Sedillo, Jenna de Mase, Louis Easton, Step Up Women's Network young ladies Joy Woo, Lulu and Bany Guardado. Kiesha Chandler, Eloy Torrez, Roberto Leni, Dj Butta Fingas and our original Tamra Park/Dj TamBam. We couldn't have done it without you! Enjoy the show: To be continued...