Saturday, July 16, 2011

In the Beginning

It's been 5 months and the Soulophonic Family is building and stretching it's wings each week at the Vortex/Philanthropic Center for the Arts in Downtown LA! Each week a variety of folks stop by to share and express with us. Everything from seasoned, published poets to woman and men getting up on the stage in front of the audience for the very first time. The open mic, which is held in a newly renovated Warehouse space just off Olympic and Santa Fe welcome's any thing related to the mic: Poets, MC's, Musicians, Story Tellers, Comics, Actors and anything you can think of to get up on the mic to say.

Soulophonic Founder Tito Lopez and Diana Lindsburg jamming with the Harmonica.

Guest Dj TamBam on the 1's and 2's

Host/MC Mataji Booker

Issys Amaya taking a break from finals to rip some Poetry from her laptop.

Poet Tommy Swerdlow rocking it to live guitar.

Watching and writing in the dark.

Host Mataji Booker singing a lil diddy.

Playing a game of Group Improv
Zsoveonne, Natalie and Chekesha

Zsoveonne reading what I've coined as "Urban Dr. Seuss." style poetry.

Dan Dupuy (below) wears many hats at Soulophonic: aka Dj 5 min / D Thrice

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