Monday, November 7, 2011

Hype Hustle Contestant Winner Axel Mansoor shoots video for "Gotta Let Go" at Soulophonic!

To get a taste of what to expect on a busy night at Soulophonic, check out this incredible video shot by incredible folks [directed by the very talented James Mills and his fantastic crew, and Produced by the Hype Hustle family we have grown to love - with music by an incredible up and coming artist and first runner up in last months online Hype Hustle Competition, Axel Mansoor.
His single "Gotta Let Go" will leave you head bopping and the tune stays in your head, your heart and your bones. We were so fortunate to be able to host and support such wonderful talent!

So this is our spot : The Vortex is located off Olympic and Santa Fe in yes, a very industrial part of the city; the perfect tucked away place for you to come and express it, get it out, work it out and discover new tricks as you take to the mic for the first time, since that last time or for the upteenth time. Musicians, Poets, Comics, Actors: We take all types here at the Vortex each Tuesday night - and as you can see from the above video (which by the way is more Live footage than acting) - we are a happy and supportive lot! Come and see us soon!

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